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Love The Journey Of Life, Wherever It Leads


Hello and welcome to Hollywood Therapy! I'm so glad you've decided to visit and I hope you find what you're looking for. Please feel free to contact me for a Free no obligation consultation to discuss your needs. I offer Hypnotherapy in Canterbury, Hypnotherapy in Herne Bay and Hypnotherapy online.


We are all human and no-one is immune from the pressures of life. We face so many challenges, demands and expectations that sometimes life can feel overwhelming. Our thoughts and beliefs can be a challenge too, where they fuel the fire of stress and anxiety.


One of the first steps to helping yourself is to realise that you do have control over how you choose to respond to life pressures. By reaching out for help, you will be arming yourself with resources so that you can feel calmer and more in control of life pressures when they happen. And life will always throw something at you because that's they way the world works, however, having the power to see things differently and respond differently is a game changer.


I work with people to change their way of life so that they feel more confident, positive, outgoing, healthier and calmer. I combine EFT and Hypnotherapy with other tools to help you make lasting change, gain clarity and move forward in life.


By taking back control over self-limiting beliefs, negative behaviours and past traumas you can live your best life.


What Can Hypnotherapy Help With?
Fears - Phobias - Exam Nerves- Weight Loss - Smoking Cessation - Help for Anxiety - Stress - Insomnia - Confidence Issues - Habits - Pain Management- IBS - Generalised Anxiety Disorder - Panic Attacks - Social Anxiety - Motivation - Menopause - Childbirth - Relaxation - Public Speaking - Fear of Flying - Unresolved Childhood Issues - Past Life Regression - Interview Nerves - Hypno Gastric Band - Hypnoband - Hypnobirthing


Why Do We Do The Things We Do?


Think about your brain as a computer, it has a hard drive and from the minute we are born we upload many programs. Some of which are helpful and some unhelpful. These programmes are our learning experiences, our beliefs and assumptions based on what we learned at that time. This helps the brain to develop survival and coping mechanisms and how we interpret the world.

Now think of an unhelpful program such as a virus which could be a fear, a habit or constant anxiety. In order to get the computer working at it's best, we clean out the virus and upload a new helpful program. If we never update the old program then that program runs our life!  


You see, when we view the world from a place of fear, doubt and negativity, it's a bit like the internet buffering. Our thinking and reasoning processes go offline and all we focus on is the danger. Usually this danger is perceived danger rather than real danger. However, when we look at things with a calmer brain, we can view situations with calm logic, we can see the whole picture of what is happening and make the changes we need to make. 

I love helping people realise their full potential and seeing the lightbulb moment when they realise 'Yes, I can change'. And yes, you absolutely can take back control of thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

All you need is the commitment to make the changes.

About Me.

Hypnotherapist in Canterbury, Kent

Elizabeth Hollywood

 ​Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Having originally trained as a nurse I found myself feeling stressed out and suffering from anxiety. It was so bad that it ended my career and took away my confidence and self belief. However, I decided to take back control over anxiety and learned many tools and techniques that helped me feel so much better about myself and my ability to change how I dealt with life pressures. I then had the opportunity to retrain in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy and I now help others find freedom and control over their anxiety. 

 I had also been suffering from sciatica and stumbled upon Emotional Freedom Techniques which is Tapping. At first I was sceptical but couldn't believe how quickly I was able to relieve the pain. Having realised the potential of EFT I utilised tapping to help with other fears and limitations to transform my life. Now I Tap on everything and everyone! 


Now I help people break free from their limitations so that they too can transform their lives. 


If you are stressed, anxious, don't feel worthy or good enough, dread public speaking and being visible then your beliefs and programming are getting in the way of your success. Let me help you release those old programs to reveal a new confident you.


Sceptical? I love sceptics because they seek more information before making their minds up and so for that reason I offer a Free consultation in Canterbury, by telephone or Zoom.


Therapy is available at Lombard House, 12-17 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury, CT1 2NF.


Herne Bay Holistic Health, William Street, Herne Bay CT6 5NR


Online Therapy via Zoom.

It's so easy to connect with me for online therapy. If you would like to avoid traffic, parking and would rather see me from where you are based then this option is a great way to do it. If you're unsure how it works, we can organise a free consultation so you can test it out and see how you feel about it.  


Reiki in Canterbury


I offer Reiki in Canterbury, Kent.

I provide a Free Reiki distance healing service for those in need.

To request this for yourself, a loved one or an animal just send me a message to be included.

Find out more about how Reiki can help you by clicking the link below.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT in Kent

Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping is a very powerful therapy which can help relieve negative beliefs, stress, pain and other physical and emotional problems. It involves tapping on various meridian points on the body to help bring about health and wellbeing.

Hypnobirthing in Canterbury


My Hypnobirthing course teaches a woman how to work with her body, to trust her instinct and to build confidence and trust in herself.

I have trained with Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing which is recognised by the Royal College of Midwifes.

Lose weight with hypnotherapy (2).png

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Over the years i have helped many people lose weight and develop better eating habits. I offer Hypno Gastric Band and Slim Via Hypnosis. Call me for a Free consultation. I offer therapy for Weight Loss in Canterbury and Herne Bay

Stop Smoking Services

Stop Smoking

Are you ready to Stop Smoking? 

Maybe you don't enjoy the taste or smell any more, or perhaps you want to take back you health. My 2 hour Stop Smoking Therapy can help you find the motivation to quit for good. Click the link for more details.

Therapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Help for Anxiety

Anxiety can have a profound effect on our lives so much so that we may avoid certain situations and places. You can gain control over the feelings, thoughts and physical symptoms and my range of tools will put you firmly in control.

Help for pain management

Pain Therapy

I am an OldPain2Go Practitioner and have helped many people turn down or reduce old chronic pain. If you would like to reassess your need for old chronic pain then get in touch to learn more.

Help for Menopause Symptoms

Hypno Menopause

Every woman experiences Menopausal symptoms differently. The Hypno Menopause programme combines aspects of Hypnotherapy and life coaching skills to help women manage menopausal symptoms.  

Help for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Hypno IBS

Irritable Bowel Symptom is a condition which affects the digestive system. Symptoms include bloating, cramping, constipation and diarrhoea. Read more about how Hypnosis can help IBS below.

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