About Me

My name is Elizabeth and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of the Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

I know only too well how anxiety and illness can impact your life and after working as a nurse I had to give up my job to become a full time carer. My new role as a carer wasn't easy but I learned quickly that I had to look after myself emotionally, physically and spiritually. Luckily, I had the opportunity to retrain as a hypnotherapist and an Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner. I recently trained as a Reiki practitioner to help people on a spiritual level. 


My life experience puts me in a position of great understanding and compassion and I feel honoured to help every person who comes through my door. There have been times in my life when I have lost all hope and the worst possible thing has happened. But believe me, life experiences make you stronger and wiser. When one door closes another door opens. 


If you decide to see me all I ask is that you are honest and open so that I can help you in the best way possible. I also ask that you are open to the therapies that I use and that you are 100% committed to making changes. I can help guide you but change has to come from you. I use a combination of  different therapy styles which include hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), BWRT and Reiki to help you gain back clarity, calm and wellbeing.

 If I can do it, you can too! All you need to do is take the first step, be committed and then your journey has begun.

To begin your journey book your free 30 minute discovery call with me.

My qualifications

I regularly update my training each year as part of continued professional development to ensure my therapy sessions are up to date with industry standards.

My qualifications include

Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy

Diploma in Hypnoanalysis

Diploma in Hypnobirthing

KidsMatters Practitioner

Diploma Children and Young People's Workforce

Diploma Adult Nursing

BWRT Level 1

HypnoMenopause Practitioner

Rewind Practitioner

Slim Via Hypnosis Practitioner

Licensed Hypnoband practitioner

Advanced Weight loss training

Old Pain 2 Go Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Thought Field Therapy Practitioner

Certificate in General Anxiety Disorder

Certificate in Working with Insomnia

Law of Attraction Practitioner

Reiki Master

What to expect on a therapy session with me


I use a range of different methods to help people which include hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, BWRT, cognitive behaviour hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

I work with clients in a respectful and person-centred way so that your therapy is tailored to your needs.

I work online and face to face.

I am insured through Oxygen and am a member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. 

Areas where i can help you

Anxiety Conditions. Stress. weight loss. Exam Nerves. Fears. Phobias. Hypertension. Grief.

Tinnitus. Confidence. Insomnia. Quit Smoking. Pain Management. Menopause

Fear of Flying. Habits. Stress. Goal Achievement. 

Anger Management. Hypnobirthing. Fertility. Public Speaking.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Hypnoband. Social Phobias.  Public Speaking. Hypnoanalysis

*Hypnoanalysis can be up to 12 sessions and can vary from person to person.

Your first session will be an initial consultation where together we can discuss what you would like help with and establish positive outcomes. OldPain2Go, Smoking cessation and Hypnobirthing do not require an initial consultation.


If time allows, you will be introduced to hypnosis and experience a lovely relaxation of body and mind.

Therapy sessions differ from person to person and are dependant on your circumstances. Therapy can range from one session to a commitment of several weeks. However it is up to you how many sessions you wish to commit to.