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Baby Massage

Bringing your baby along to a class is a great opportunity for you to spend time with your baby, to grow a strong bond with your baby and to dedicate 'space' to look after yourself and your baby. In our busy world, time is precious so it is important to switch off from your daily routine for your mental wellbeing. My classes are not only about teaching but also interactive and fun. A place where you can learn to instinctively care for your baby by being aware of their cues, grow a strong bond between you and your baby and talk about your experiences with other parents.


The baby massage course lasts around 45-60 minutes per session over four weeks. The course costs just £40 for the four weeks. If for any reason you miss a class, we repeat the previous weeks massage strokes so that you don't miss out. You will also receive access to a Free Online Baby Massage Course which you can watch at home to consolidate your learning. Classes are for babies from 8 weeks and are held locally in Canterbury and Swalecliffe which is near Tankerton and Herne Bay. I also provide online classes, private 1-2-1 courses at £20 per visit per family and i can accommodate private groups such as NCT groups.

Private 1:1 courses are a great way to learn and bond with your baby. It is a lovely experience to teach a course at someone's home because babies and parents are more settled and comfortable on their own turf! Send me a message or give me a call if 1:1 baby massage is your preference.

Book a class by filling in the contact form and i will be in touch or call me on 07912665513

* You will receive a bottle of massage oil

*Access to a free baby massage online course

*A digital Baby Massage Booklet

*I post videos regularly on Facebook to support your learning experience.


Online Classes

Learning from the comfort of your own home is a bonus because you don't need to travel, you can wear something comfy and have a cup of tea and a chat in a familiar relaxed environment. Online classes are over 4 weeks and last around one hour.

You will receive:

* A zoom link to join

*A digital copy of a baby massage guide 

*A 50ml bottle of baby massage oil by post (UK only)

*Access to a free baby massage online course

*Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit or debit card or PayPal. More details at time of booking.


Benefits of Baby Massage 

*Enhance parent and baby communication

*Can help to relieve colic, teething pains and constipation

*Supports bonding and secure attachment

*May improve sleep patterns

*Helps relieve muscular tension, increase flexibility and muscle tone

*Helps muscular development and growth

*Helps your baby feel loved, respected and valued

*Holding 'space' for you and your baby


Book a Baby Massage Class

Group Class              £40.00

Online Course          £25.00

1-2-1 Course             £20.00 per visit

Workshops                £25.00

Classes at Broad Oak Village Hall, Canterbury

Thursdays 10-11am

Classes at Swalecliffe Free Church

Tuesdays 10-11am

Tummy and Teething Baby Massage Workshop.

In this workshop you will learn remedial massage strokes to help your baby with colic, trapped wind, constipation, teething and relaxation.