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Baby Yoga Classes

Welcome to Baby Yoga! I teach my Baby Yoga classes over 4 weeks. I am currently teaching my classes in Canterbury and they are priced at £40. 

Baby Yoga has many benefits for you and your baby which include relaxation, enhancing the bond between you and your baby and stimulating you baby's development. We do this through songs and rhymes, gentle yoga inspired poses and movement.

Baby Yoga is great for babies as it helps them to develop their sense of coordination, balance and improve the mind/body connection. The yoga inspired movement and stretches also helps to encourage tummy time and relieve common digestive discomforts. Learning in a group is also a lovely and fun way for parents and babies to make friends and connections.  Days and times can be found at the bottom of the page.

Baby yoga is also available as a private 1:1class. Weather depending, we can learn in your garden or in your home. Home is a more relaxed place for babies and mums as they are more settle and comfortable in their own environment. Private baby yoga is priced at £80 for a 4 week course. Contact me if a private 1:1 course is you and your baby's preference.

Book a class by filling in the contact form and i will be in touch or call me on 07912665513


Benefits for baby

* Promotes tummy time and active play for babies

*Swings and dips help to develop baby’s body awareness, coordination and balance

*The use of songs helps to develop baby’s sense of rhythm and promotes language development and    communication

*Baby yoga stimulates baby’s senses through a variety of different stimuli: movement, touch, songs and stretching


Benefits for mummy

*Aids flexibility

*Strengthens muscles

*Aligns the spine

*Aids relaxation
*It is non-competitive


Benefits for both

*Can enhance the bonding process

*The release of oxytocin and endorphins (‘feel good hormones’) encourages relaxation and wellbeing

Baby Yoga Classes

Broad Oak, Canterbury

Wednesday's 11.30-12.30 pm

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