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Hypnobirthing with Antenatal Private Course

Book a private Hypnobirthing with Antenatal Course and i will come to your home, see you at my clinic either Monday or Saturday or see you online. The course is over 4 weeks with each session lasting around 2.5 hours.

We will arrange the best day and time for you. The price includes you and a birth partner.

Essentials Course

Contact me to find out about the next Essentials Hypnobirthing Course. Learn about the relaxation side of Hypnobirthing with a little bit of antenatal. This course is ideal if you are already doing an antenatal course or you are short on time. You will learn powerful tools to help you feel confident and reassured for birth. 

Free Taster Course

I am so happy to be able to provide a Free taster course. Please contact me and i will send you a short pre-recorded course  which you can watch at your convenience.

My name is Elizabeth and i am a clinical hypnotherapist, advanced hypnobirthing practitioner as well as a baby massage and baby yoga instructor. I trained with Katherine Graves and Love Your Birth Hypnobirthing.
I am passionate about helping women and their birth partners feel confident and empowered for birth. Birth is an exciting and important time and with planning and my guidance i can help you have a positive birth experience. I teach courses online or privately at your home.
An online Group Hypnobirthing with Antenatal £250, a private course costs £400 (no more than 20 minutes from my home) and the Essentials Hypnobirthing course which is my most affordable option costs just £79 per couple online or £100 for a private course.

Hypnobirthing can change your birth experience for the positive by changing your mindset around birth and helping you feel in control of your body and your choices. My Hypnobirthing course teaches a woman how to work with her body, to trust her instinct and to build confidence and trust in herself. Many woman come to a hypnobirthing class because they hear negative stories about birth or may have certain fears and insecurities around birth. A hypnobirthing mother wants to change this perception so that they can release fears and assumptions and have a positive birth experience. You are investing in yourself, your baby and your birth by planning in advance so that everything is instinctual on the big day because all the work has been done on the lead up to birth. Just like you would plan for a holiday, a wedding or a dinner party. I'm sure you wouldn't leave those things to someone else so why would you do that with birth!

When can i start Hypnobirthing?
You can start a hypnobirthing course from 20 weeks, however i have taught hypnobirthing as late as 40 weeks. The earlier you start, the more practice you can put in so that the tools become instinctive. Hypnobirthing is for any birth which includes c-sections, home births, hospital births, unusual births and when you opt for an induction. So, any birth! Hypnobirthing is based on science and logic. The science of how your body works, the science of how your mind works and how when you get these two areas working together, you become an empowered birther.
What is Hypnobirthing?
A Hypnobirthing course is an antenatal course but with the extra bonus of being able to use relaxation skills, logic, birth breathing tools, affirmations and self-hypnosis to help you enjoy and feel more relaxed about pregnancy and birth. Many people worry about the 'Hypno' part of hypnobirthing so let me explain what this is so as to put your mind at ease. Hypnosis is a natural state which our mind enters several times a day. It's when we have a single focused attention on an idea or concept using visualisation and words and over time this becomes a new program for our minds to follow. So a bit like using day dreaming. Sometimes when we have done something many times such as driving, this becomes such an embedded program that it becomes instinctive and we don't need to really think about it. This is what we aim for in Hypnobirthing. 
In hypnosis you are totally in control and still hear everything going on around you. You can also come out of hypnosis anytime you like, just by opening your eyes, so you can't be stuck or be made to do anything you don't want to. You have free will at all times. In Hypnobirthing our focus would be on positive birth outcomes, relaxation and using the mind/body connection to help have a comfortable birth. It's about programming your mind in a positive way. We have a saying in the hypnobirthing world, 'Where the mind goes, the body follows'. This is very true and we explore this in a hypnobirthing course.
Sometimes when watching a sad or funny film you may find yourself laughing or crying. This is because the mind becomes focused on what you are watching and reacts as if it's really happening. This is good example of how the imagination can influence how your body reacts. Also if you wake up scared or sweating from a bad dream, the mind has perceived the situation as real and the body has reacted. Even though you know it was a dream, the mind thought the threat was real.
Now imagine you have been brought up around negative birth stories and images from television. Your mind may have a perception of birth as being a threat. This is where hypnosis and antenatal education can neutralise any fears you may have so that birth is a more positive experience.
The Hypnobirthing with Antenatal Course is around 10 hours of teaching and usually taught over four days. By meeting for a few hours each week, you can relax, take in the information a little at a time and also benefit from the relaxations which will positively program your mind and body for a positive birth experience. 
You will learn the physiology of birth but also your rights and choices so that you and your birth partner will have the ability to make calm and logical decisions. You will be positively empowered and prepared  for a birth that is right for you. You wil Receive as part of the course a Hypnobirthing book, MP3 relaxation downloads, course handouts, access to an online baby massage course and my support.
The Essentials Hypnobirthing Course includes all the relaxation MP3s, helpful handouts and a digital Hypnobirthing book. On the course you will learn relaxation tools, all about birth hormones plus a wee bit of science so that the logic of hypnobirthing all makes sense.

What is Hypnobirthing?

Watch this quick fire video to find out what hypnobirthing is and how it can help you prepare for a calmer more positive Birth.


Hypnobirthing helps to dissolve fears such as fear of pain, worries about tearing, coping, fear of the unknown and much more. 

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