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Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Course
My value packed Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing with Antenatal courses are held in person in Canterbury and Whitstable, online or in the privacy of your home. To arrange a private course  either online or at your home, please contact me to arrange the best time for you. I believe in supporting parents with essential skills after the birth of their baby and so you will receive a Free Online Baby Massage Course which you can watch at home at your leisure . The baby massage course will equip you with special remedial massage techniques to help your baby with colic, wind, constipation, relaxation and teething. 
The Hypnobirthing course is spread over 4 days, usually on Saturday or Sunday. By meeting for a few hours each week, you can relax, take in the information a little at a time and also benefit from the relaxations which will positively program your mind and body for a positive birth experience. 
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What is Hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing is a powerful  tool which can help transform your birthing experience through relaxations, positive affirmations, knowing about your choices when it comes to the birth of your baby as well as a system of letting go of any fears surrounding the birth of your baby.
You will learn the physiology of birth but also your rights and choices so that you and your birth partner will have the ability to make calm and logical decisions. You will be positively empowered and prepared  for a birth that is right for you. I truly believe that calm confident mums birth calm, confident babies and children and adults!
After being on a hypnobirthing course many mothers benefit from a shorter labour time, have less need for pain medication, mother and baby have a quicker recovery after birth and have a baby who is calmer, feeds better and sleeps better. There is also less risk of tearing and you are less likely to have an episiotomy.
I believe in offering value to parents and so included with the price of your  Hypnobirthing with antenatal course is a special online Baby Massage Course to be taken after your baby is born.  
What you will learn on the Hypnobirthing Course
Week one
You will learn about your uterus and how you can optimise the important hormones of birth-Oxytocin and Endorphins. You will understand how the mind works together with the body and we will have a look at what you want to achieve with the birth of your baby. We will end with a lovely relaxation to prepare your mind and body for birth. We have a popular saying at KGHypnobirthing-'Where the mind goes, the body follows'.
Week two
This is the relaxation week, chill out week. We will look at the relaxations which are part of your course and also practice them. You will also learn breathing techniques which help keep you calm and relaxed throughout pregnancy and birth. During the second part of week two you will learn some practical skills which may help prevent tearing. We also discuss caesarean births, breech and why this may happen as well as watching a lovely video of a real hypnobirthing birth.
Week three
On week three we discuss why birth sometimes doesn't go to plan. Was it something that happened earlier on that could have been prevented? You will learn empowering questions to ask your care givers as well as some practical steps you can take to make sure you understand and have time to process information. We will go on to discuss due dates, inductions - what they are and why they are offered as well as learning about the onset of labour. We finish as always with a confidence and power relaxation.
Week four 
The final week looks at the birth partners role and how they are an important part of  pregnancy and birth. We also discuss the first, second and third stage of labour as well as the golden hour after birth. We look at birth plans as well as practical things to take with you to hospital and a breathing technique to assist with the down stage of labour. We finish with a lovely relaxation.
But of course, that's not the end of the course. You will be invited to join my Facebook group where i practice the relaxations and breathing tools with you as well as any other aspects of the course you may wish to go over. And remember you will also have access to a Free Online Baby Massage Course which will be useful when your baby has arrived. The free course is suitable for babies from 8 weeks.
You will receive

* The Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing book

*A Free online baby massage course

* 5 x relaxation MP3s

* Parents information Pack

* A special gift 

* And of course the support of your teacher throughout your pregnancy and birth and beyond.

Essentials of Hypnobirthing Course
I have been teaching this popular course since 2018 for parents who do not have the time to go on the full course or who have already had the experience of childbirth but would like to learn relaxation techniques for the birth of their baby. You will learn how to stay in a calm place during birth, relaxation techniques, essential breathing tools for pregnancy and birth and how the fight or flight response can impact birth. The course can be taken in person or online. Your birth partner is welcome to come along too. And yes, i have included the Free Online Baby Massage Course too!
You Will Receive
The Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Book
3 x Relaxation MP3s
Relaxation scripts 
Free Online Baby Massage Course
My support throughout pregnancy and birth.
Group course           £200
Private  1-2-1          £300
Essentials of Hypnobirthing Course £75
Course Dates
4 Week  Hypnobirthing with Antenatal
2022 Courses begin on the 1st Sunday of every month for 4 weeks 10am-12pm
Essentials of Hypnobirthing Course online
2022 Courses are held on the 1st Saturday of every month 10am-12.30pm