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Pain Therapy

Pain is a message from the brain which lets us know that something is wrong or injured. After a period of healing the pain naturally reduces and goes as the body heals. But sometimes the pain message can remain on the 'on' position long after an injury has healed causing us to have persistent, chronic pain. OldPain2Go and Emotional Freedom Techniques can help with conditions such as Arthritis, Sciatica, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and joint pain.


I work online and face to face.

OldPain2Go session of 90 minutes £90

Emotional Freedom Techniques for pain £60 per session.


Our body is a miraculous creation so much so that if we injure ourselves our brain alerts us to the problem by giving us pain. This is so that we know something is wrong. Have you ever sliced bread and accidently cut yourself? Or been too close to a heat source such as a flame? Or lifted something far too heavy and pulled a muscle in your back? If you have then you would have immediately been alerted to the danger so that you could take appropriate action. Appropriate action maybe putting your hand under a cold tap, removing yourself from danger or seeing a medical practitioner. 


After a period of time the body heals and the discomfort or pain messages become less and less. This is the normal process of how the body heals. However, sometimes pain messages can become trapped and the brain may keep sending the pain message when there is no need to. 


The OldPain2Go Methodology uses a process called Brain Bargaining where i can help you to reassess the need for old pain messages so that you can greatly reduce or let go of it. There is no hypnosis or trance involved, just me talking to you. And you don't have to believe the process will work, you just need to Want to be pain free and not have more need to keep pain than to lose it. 


Treatment outcomes and number of sessions vary from person to person.
If you are ready to let go of old pain then call me to find out more and book your session. You must have already seen a medical professional before commencing treatment.

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