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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Can EFT Help You To Stop Smoking?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist i am very used to seeing smokers in my consulting room and i have to admit that i love helping people quit the smoking habit for good.

It really doesn't matter how long or how many cigarettes you have smoked because it is never too late to stop and i can help you if you are committed to becoming a non smoker.

However, every one of my stop smoking clients are different and come with a different set of expectations and beliefs about whether they actually can stop a habit which they may have been doing for years. This is because smoking cigarettes has become such an ingrained habit which permeates every area of their lives that they can't see a way out.

For example, i often hear people say that they smoke with work colleagues during breaks and they don't want to lose the friendships that they have. And sometimes people will use cigarettes to relieve stress or as a habit such as coffee with a cigarette.

I always make sure that my clients have 100% motivation to stop the habit before i see them for my 2 hour stop smoking therapy and all i ask is that they are committed to stopping. But how do i deal with beliefs, insecurities and ingrained habits? What if someone doesn't want to completely quit? Or if they are unsure if they can actually stop? If this is you, you will not be turned away, instead you will be supported in whatever if right for you.

As well as using Hypnosis i also use EFT Tapping to help neutralise any fears, insecurities, cravings and beliefs people bring with them. EFT is a natural energy technique where you simply Tap on specific acupuncture points on the face and hands while focusing on thoughts or feelings you have around smoking. Tapping can be learned in minutes and when applied can help to reduce and sometimes completely dissolve cravings, habits and negative emotions that may arise when you think about quitting.

What If I Just Want To Cut Down My Smoking?

Any change in the right direction is a good change and if your aim is to start to gradually cut down then it is a starting point. Many people do like smoking, especially smoking socially and you are welcome to book in with me if this is you. This is where EFT can really help you with your goals around how many cigarettes you would ideally like to smoke. This is a gentler approach for someone who is just thinking about the possibility of quitting and would like to cut down gradually.

My Smoking Cessation Therapy is adaptable to my clients. I offer a 2 hour stop smoking package for people who are firmly committed and who have reached the point where they know for certain that they want to stop. And i also offer longer support for people who want to gently ease off the habit. This is because every one of us is different and i believe clients have a right to choose how they approach their smoking goals.

If this is you i will show you how to Tap and we will systematically work through your beliefs, habits, cravings, emotions and goals. EFT can be learned in minutes so this is an empowering tool you can take away and use between sessions.

Together, Let's Tap Into Your Potential

Elizabeth Hollywood Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist

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