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Have you got to the point where enough is enough and you are ready to feel fitter, healthier and happier with your life? If you are 100% committed to making the changes needed to lose weight then this is the right time for you to consider losing weight with Hypnosis. 

I know how it feels when you have a lot of weight to lose and don't know where to start and i also know how excuses, lack of motivation and unhealthy eating habits can keep the weight on.


This is my story.

Many years ago, when I was a busy mum i would eat convenience foods and quick snacks for energy. If I was feeling tired or had one of those bad days, I would eat something nice to feel better. Back then I had unrealistic goals about weight loss. Diets would last a week and if i didn't see results, i would become disheartened and go back to my old ways. At the time, I was training to become a nurse and busy looking after a young family. I would snack on junk when i was studying and eat takeaways and ready meals for convenience.  

But one day i saw a photo of myself and enough was enough! It was a wake up call. I was fat! And worse still, the photo was of me stuffing a slice of pizza into my mouth. I decided that I would start to eat better and i also had a more realistic and healthy approach to setting weight loss goals. It took me about 18 months but i went from a size 18 to a 10 and I've been a healthy weight for over 16 years now. 

My motivation is the thought of having to start from the beginning and also the thought of that awful picture of me stuffing a pizza into my mouth.

If you can relate to this story then perhaps i can help you change your old eating habits for new ones. Maybe i can help you let go of the excuses and old stories that have been holding you back. Perhaps i can be the person you are accountable to. 

If you decide to seek my help with weight loss then please be warned that i am very strict and expect you to be an active participant in your weight loss therapy. I can help you with your motivation and confidence but commitment must come from you.

I have found that people who book a complete package are more likely to succeed with their weight loss goals rather than booking just one or two sessions. This is an investment in your wellbeing and future health.

Using a combination of Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP you can empower yourself to make better choices regarding lifestyle changes and food. You will find that you can change and reprogram old patterns of negative thinking. Imagine how you will feel when you discover your waist again, or being able to go to the shops and fit into the clothes you are trying on. It is so worth it.


There are no diets with your weight loss hypnotherapy because if you deprive yourself of what you like, then chances are you will go back to your old eating habits. I can help you find a more balanced approach to eating food. It is not the end of the world if you have something unhealthy from time to time. As long as you have made sensible changes to your eating habits and you add a little bit of exercise then you Will lose weight. And you must do your homework and listen to the recordings that i give you which consolidate our sessions.

* Slim Via Hypnosis is over four sessions.


* You will be provided with 4 x magazines which contain lots of helpful information including self-hypnosis. 


* 4 x hypnosis recordings to listen to at home between sessions.


* 4 x food logs which you will bring to your sessions.


* Free posters and information sheets to keep you educated and motivated.

* It may be necessary to contact your GP before starting any weight loss therapy.


*More sessions can be booked if you would like support over a longer period of time. ​

Book a free clarity call to discover your options for weight loss on 07912665513. 

Hypno-band weight loss system

Do you often plan to start your diet tomorrow, only to discover that 'Tomorrow' rolls into the next day and the next? If you are having a battle with your will power and sabotaging your weight loss plans, then hypno-band can help you get back on track.


Hypno-band is a non-surgical weight loss system which uses a combination of CBT and Hypnosis to retrain a person to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. Hypno-band is suitable for people with a BMI of over 25.


* Hypno-band is over 4 sessions. 

* Hypnosis recordings to listen to at home between sessions.

* 4 x food logs which you will bring to our sessions.


* Free posters and information sheets to keep you motivated.

* Easy Exercise suggestions.

* It may be necessary to contact your GP before starting any weight loss therapy. 

* I am a licensed Hypno-band practitioner.


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