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Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking and Win Back Your Health and Wellbeing

Do you get out of breath climbing stairs and playing sports.

Have you had a cough that doesn't go away. And this worries you.

Have you or a loved one had a health scare.

Perhaps someone you know has died of a smoking related illness.

Do you no longer have money to spend on cigarettes.

Do you deeply care about your health and want to make a positive change.

These are stories i hear time and time again from smokers that i see every week and however long you have been smoking and no matter the number of cigarettes that you smoke, you can be helped to become a non-smoker. Hypnotherapy is a natural way to stop smoking and there is no need to use patches, gums or vapes.

When you decide to stop smoking, let's face it, there are countless ways to quit, but many people find hypnosis works for them as an alternative medical and natural way to Stop the habit. Hypnosis can help your subconscious accept the wanted suggestion to stop and according to New Scientist magazine 'Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking', (vol 136). Couple that with your own will power and hey presto!



Hypnotherapy works by changing the way you think about smoking cigarettes and establishing the reasons why you want to stop. During your treatment, you will be put into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state so that your subconscious will be receptive to suggestion.


Hypnosis for quitting works best when you are committed to stopping the habit. So ask yourself this question: Am i 100% ready to become a non-smoker? If the answer is yes, then contact me for a free consultation.  You will be surprised to know that it usually takes just one appointment of between 90-120 minutes to stop smoking.


What you get with your Easy Quit Smoking Package.

* You will have your Stop Smoking Therapy with me which will last between 90-120 minutes.

* You will be given a recording to consolidate your Stop Smoking therapy session, however most people don't need this. 


Quit Smoking Therapy costs £150

This may seem a lot of money but many people i see smoke between 10-20 cigarettes a day. So if an average pack of cigarettes costs around £10.00 and you smoke at least 10 a day. You would spend on average £40 per week. That's £160 per month and a massive £1,900 per year. You would also feel better, smell better and look better too. Especially at work, meeting people and socialising. You would easily recoup the cost of the therapy and instead of burning the money, you could go on holiday, save or buy something special for yourself.


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